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Join us to share the Birth Mom Love! We are grateful for the beautiful mothers who heroically choose life for their child and honor their sacrifice. Please peruse our featured video and stories, from both birth moms and adoptive moms.

Birth moms – please reach out to us! Springs of Love is hoping to create a community of support for birth mothers. If you are a birth mother, or a woman wanting to connect with birth moms, or if you are willing to share your story, please contact us at Springs of Love.

Featured Video: God Plays a Long Game

Kate Stapleton, a harpist, was 21 when she faced an unplanned pregnancy and chose to place her child in an open adoption. Her daughter, now grown, recently graduated from Franciscan University and performs in the band Acaciawood. Together, they share their story.

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In addition to taking part in Springs of Love video “God Plays a Long Game,” Kate shares her experience placing her daughter in an open adoption. Read her story for a unique look from the perspective of a birth mother. “Each May when the world is in bloom, the world celebrates Mother’s Day, and I celebrate the birth day of the daughter that I gave away. Each year, I struggle.”

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Spring blossoms
Roses - A Letter to Our Birth Mom In Our Closed Adoption

A Letter to Our Birth Mom In Our Closed Adoption

Dear Rosa: What would I want you to know, if only I could tell you, if only we did not have a closed adoption? What would I tell you, our darling daughter’s birthmother?

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Featured Story: Birth Mothers are my Heroes

The minute we walked into the hospital room, our birth mother said, “Would you like to hold your son?” Both my husband and I began to weep. Bradley held him first as I hugged our birth mother. I had so much love for her that my heart was full at that moment.

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Shari Griffin and family

Visiting Laura, Our Birth Mother

I first met Laura in person at the time of the adoption. We hugged each other tight and cried together after she signed the papers to terminate her parental rights and entrust her child to us. I then spoke with Laura’s mom on the phone, searching for any words to console her. There were none.

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A Prayer for Birth Mothers

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the beautiful mothers who bring love into the world with the birth of their children. We ask that You shower down Your protection and blessings on all birth mothers, those women whose wombs bore a child who would one day be raised by another. We pray for women who chose adoption, entrusting their own flesh to another’s arms. We pray for women who had no choice, but who were unable to parent because of their circumstances.

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A Prayer for Birth Mothers

Adopted Childrens’ Prayer for Their Birth Mother

Dear Jesus,

Please bless my birthmom. Help her be strong in the Lord.
Let her always know that I love her and that she is loved by Jesus.
May the angels in Heaven protect her.


Written by Zailie, Gabriella, and Anthony