Discernment Resources

We offer the following resources to help couples who are discerning growing their family through fostering or adopting. Know that we are praying for you as your prayerfully follow the path that God has set for you.

Discernment Quiz: 6 Questions for Clarity

Are YOU called to foster or adopt? Take our discernment quiz! If you have been wondering if you are called to foster or adopt, try answering the questions in our quiz!

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Discernment Quiz - 6 questions for clarity
Couples novena for discernment - promo

Couples Novena for Discernment

Making a big decision in life – like the decision to begin fostering, or to start down the path to adoption – can be overwhelming. We don’t always know where God is calling us, or we can’t differentiate our own desires from God’s will in our lives. Praying a novena for discernment can be a tool to help you organize your thoughts and listen to what God is telling you.

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Discernment Stories

Discernment Story - Lori's family

Discerning Adoption: Part Two

This post is a continuation of Discerning Adoption: Part One.

It was not without heartache and uncertainty, but our discernment process brought out certain truths from the Lord that we could continually draw upon: He has a beautiful plan for our family; let Him lead the process; trust those walking with us down this path; know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the perfect match is there for us.

Discernment Story - Lori's family

Discerning Adoption: Part One

While Mark and I had always been open to the idea of adoption, we were completely clueless as to where to begin the process and, perhaps most importantly, never wanted to adopt as a back-up option in the face of our infertility. We did not want a child coming into our home as a “Plan B”, a sort of “we can’t have our own, so you’ll do.”

Contributor Gabriela shares her story of a special needs adoption of a daughter with Down syndrome.

A Special Needs Adoption

I agonized over the decision to adopt. Were we called? Finally, I just had to trust the journey to God’s hands. I begged Him to guide us through every step and to close every door that was not ours to walk through.  I resolved to be at peace even if adoption never worked out for us.

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Have you wondered if God might be calling you to open your heart to foster or adopt a child? Register for our virtual “retreat” and receive a code for free access to our “Be Not Afraid” discernment video series. In this self-paced series, you will hear beautiful testimonials from couples who have answered the call to foster and adopt. Talks address fostering & adopting after infertility, adopting a child with special needs, international & domestic adoption, adoption from foster care, grieving when foster children leave, adopting older children, what to do when only one spouse feels called, and more. Register today!

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Foster dad photo featured in the Catholic Times

Foster parenting: an education in love

Laura and Kyle always desired a big family, but early in their marriage, they lost six children to miscarriage. Grieving those losses was an intense process, and in that process they began to realize: “We thought that since God had been teaching us how to say goodbye, perhaps He was calling us to become foster parents.”

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10 myths about adoption - promo

10 Adoption Myths

Don’t let the myths surrounding adoption stop you from growing your family in this beautiful way. Adoption is more in reach than you think!

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10 Steps to Adoption

Adoption may seem overwhelming and out of reach. It can take time and involve some heartache along the way, but if this is where God is calling you, He will provide a way! To discern if this might be God’s path for you, start by taking just one step…then another.

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