Foundations of Discernment:
4 Ways to Begin Discerning Fostering and Adopting

1. Pray. Discernment about anything is an ongoing, loving conversation with the Lord, and that’s especially true when considering fostering and adoption. Deciding whether you’re being called to open your heart, life, and home to a child can often seem like a daunting process. Staying close to the Lord in prayer is key to weathering it with peace and joy. Our Couples Novena for Discernment might be a great way to discern fostering or adopting with your spouse.

2. Communicate. Good habits of communication with your spouse are a crucial part of building a happy and healthy home life. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, and hopes about fostering and adoption with each other is critical. The shape your call to fruitfulness as a couple takes is a collaborative work – one you, your spouse, and the Lord unfold together.

3. Explore. There are many avenues to fostering and adoption – so many they can seem overwhelming. Springs of Love offers resources, such as video stories, written stories, a virtual discernment retreat, and explanations of the many varied paths to fostering and adoption. It offers practical resources and fellowship with people walking this road of discernment.

4. Ask. Many people who have fostered and adopted are happy to share their story with others. Asking families who have walked this road about their experience can help your own discernment process. These conversations can give you insight into the realities of fostering and adopting and help build fellowship with a supportive community.

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