Making Room in the Inn: Opening Hearts and Homes to Foster and Adopt Children

Dr. Kimberly Henkel recently participated as a panelist in this National Review Institute discussion.

Our panel makes the case that a post-Roe society warrants a new vision of radical solidarity with children — especially those in the foster-care system and/or in need of adoption. Featuring an introduction by the Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann. Co-hosted by National Review Institute, The Archdiocese of Kansas City, Springs of Love, and USCCB Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth.

Dr. Kimberly Henkel-The Catholic Times December 04, 2022

Dr. Kimberly Henkel recently wrote an article for The Catholic Times. Download the PDF below and find the article starting on page 11.


Dr. Kimberly Henkel-From Infertility To New Fruitfulness

Dr. Peggy Hartshorn, Chairman of the Board and Past-President of Heartbeat International, interviews Dr. Kimberly Henkel on her radio show, Family Sanctuary. Kimberly shares her journey from infertility to new fruitfulness, highlighting the adoption of her four children, as well as the founding of both Springs in the Desert and Springs of Love.


Dr. Kimberly Henkel-Rays of Hope-New Family Healing Ministries

Kimberly speaks with Peggy about four new innovative ministries that bring hope to the brokenhearted suffering from infertility (Springs in the Desert), child loss (Red Bird Ministries), as children of divorce (Life-Giving Wounds), and children in need of foster and adoptive families (Springs of Love).