(Sample Foster Support Webpage for Parishes)

Foster Care Awareness & Support

Currently, the United States is facing an extreme shortage of foster families. In the state of Ohio, there are over 15,000 children in foster care. (Replace with your state info, which can be found here.)

Did you know… about 50% of foster families stop fostering after just one year; but if they are supported by a team in their community, 90% continue to foster! Families that rise to the challenge of fostering or adopting need support from their community to continue their important work.

Help us to build a culture of fostering and adoption in our parish by raising up new foster families, starting Teams to support and accompany foster families, and hosting awareness events and service projects to serve children in foster care and their families.

Parish Resources

A Fostering Story: Tori’s Story

Tori Hope Peterson shares the heartache of moving through 12 foster homes, being separated from her sister, and eventually aging out of the system. Yet her story doesn’t end there. With the encouragement of one coach who believed in her, welcomed her into his family, and shared the love of God with her, she went on to graduate college and become an advocate for vulnerable children in foster care.