Join our interns, Liz and Arianna, as they plan and tackle a Springs of Love Service Project! This is a great community service project for youth groups and other youth organizations. Follow along as they take their plan step by step – so you can plan a project of your own!

Arianna and Liz mapped out seven steps to complete their project. Customize your project to fit with your organization, community, and goals!

Print or download a copy of their steps to get started, and watch their video series below!

Springs of Love service project by Liz and Arianna - Steps graphic

Project Overview. In this slideshow presentation, Liz and Arianna outline the steps of their project by creating a “Mind Map.” They talk through each of the steps they have planned, and go into detail with tips and ways you can customize the steps of your project.

Video #1: Introduction. Liz and Arianna start their Service Project! Liz and Arianna, seniors at Franciscan University and interns with Springs of Love, have mapped out a project to help kids in foster care. Their game plan is easy to follow, and perfect for youth groups, schools, college groups, and more.

Video #2: Project Prep – Research & Planning. In their second video, Liz and Arianna describe the research phase of their Service Project. Get tips on how to pick a foster agency or group to support, how to reach out to them, and what to find out when you get in touch!

Video #3: Community Involvement. For their third video, Arianna and Liz get their community involved! Since they already had funding for their project, instead of collecting donations they had their friends and classmates write notes and draw pictures to send with their donations to a local foster care agency.

Video #4: Shopping! For their fourth video, Liz and Arianna go shopping for their service project! They decided to use their budget to buy baby supplies. Watch as they hunt for deals, and treat themselves afterwards for a job well done.

Video #5: Delivery! For their final video, Arianna and Liz deliver their donations to the agency, and reflect on their experience of creating and carrying out a service project to support children in foster care.

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