For those struggling with infertility: Springs in the Desert

Many couples start to consider foster and adoption after struggling with infertility.

The cross of infertility can be an especially hard one for couples to bear, as they long to become co-creators with God and receive the blessing of children in their home. This cross, carried day after day, month after month, and year after year—often in silence—can put them to the test as they strive to discover how God is calling them to live out their unique call to fruitfulness in every moment.

By acknowledging the grief and pain of infertility, our sister site, Springs in the Desert, offers a place of respite and solidarity where couples can know God’s love for them and discover His unique call to fruitfulness. Springs in the Desert forms a community with unique offerings for women, men and couples, meeting them wherever they are on the path of infertility. Through these encounters, they make space for deeper renewal in each person’s relationships with themselves, their spouses, and God.

If you or a couple you know have struggled with infertility, we invite you to visit Springs in the Desert and explore their resources for couples and their loved ones. Among their most popular offerings are a blog, a weekly podcast, and virtual and in-person events. Additionally, Springs in the Desert Small Groups are a place for women to grieve infertility and pregnancy loss, acknowledge their pain and suffering, and encounter others who understand and are on the journey with them.

The Springs in the Desert ministry also raises awareness about the experience and unique grief of infertility to pastors, diocesan offices, and healthcare professionals, helping them to understand the needs of a couple struggling with infertility, and providing tools and resources to help them minister more effectively to hurting couples.

To learn more about the Springs in the Desert community, visit their website.