Ten “First Steps” to Adoption

Adoption may seem overwhelming and out of reach. It can take time and involve some heartache along the way, but if this is where God is calling you, He will provide a way! To discern if this might be God’s path for you, start by taking just one step…then another.


Be Not Afraid virtual retreat

1. Sign up for our free virtual foster and adoption discernment retreat. In this self-paced series, you will hear beautiful testimonials from couples who have answered the call to foster and adopt. Talks address fostering & adopting after infertility, adopting a child with special needs, international & domestic adoption, adoption from foster care, grieving when foster children leave, adopting older children, what to do when only one spouse feels called, and more.

2. Always start with prayer. Discernment about anything is an ongoing, loving conversation with the Lord, and that’s especially true when considering fostering and adoption. Staying close to the Lord in prayer is key to weathering it with peace and joy. It may help to set a specific prayer goal; for example, pray about your call to adoption each day before breakfast for 9 days. Check out our novena for discernment to get started.

3. Talk with your spouse. Good habits of communication with your spouse are a crucial part of building a happy and healthy home life. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, and hopes about fostering and adoption with each other is critical. The shape your call to fruitfulness as a couple takes is a collaborative work – one you, your spouse, and the Lord unfold together.

4. Start a prayer journal to record your thoughts, hopes, and fears about adopting. Share your thoughts with your spouse when you’re ready. Set a goal of how often you plan to journal.

5. Many people who have fostered and adopted are happy to share their story with others! Asking families who have walked this road about their experience can help your own discernment process. These conversations can give you insight into the realities of fostering and adopting and help build fellowship with a supportive community.

6. Call your state’s foster care office or contact a local private adoption agency to find out how they can start you on the adoption process. Here’s a list of state-by-state information to get you started.

7. Watch our true and inspiring stories of fostering and adoption with your spouse or family.

8. Learn about waiting children & fostering-to-adopt through your local foster care agency, or call a private agency for next steps.

9. Start learning about how to parent children who have been fostered or adopted. The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis is essential reading. Learn about TBRI or take a parenting class.

Springs of Love Teams - ways to help

10. Host a Foster Care Awareness Event at your parish or consider starting a Springs of Love Team to support a local foster family. You will learn so much more by supporting a family who is already fostering. Contact info@springsoflove.org if you need help.