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A Letter to Our Birth Mom In Our Closed Adoption

Springs of Love contributor Gabriela shares a letter she wrote to her daughter's birth mother. See more content in our section Birth Mom Love. Dear Rosa, What would I want [...]

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Love and Compassion Out of Suffering: A Heart for Adoption and Foster Care

Our family’s path to pursue foster care and adoption is born out of our faith and our desire to offer up our suffering and channel it into compassion and love. [...]

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Be It Done Unto Me: The Daily ‘Yes’ of Foster Care and Adoption

Ring… ring… my cell phone chirps. “Hello, Danielle speaking…” It’s just an ordinary day in the life of a foster parent; at an unknown time and an unknown hour I [...]

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A Personal Reflection for Parents Adopting Children with Disabilities

Like with many of my recent reflection opportunities, I came to Springs of Love by way of social media. I can't remember where I first saw their post on Facebook, [...]

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