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Currently, the United States is facing an extreme shortage of foster families. Across the country, there are over 400,000 children in foster care. Each year, over 250,000 children enter the U.S. child welfare system and over 23,000 children age out of foster care. The statistics reveal bleak futures for many of the children who end up in foster care:

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: 70% of human trafficking victims in the U.S. spent time in foster care. Learn what you can do.

INCARCERATION: In several states, 65% of inmates aged out of foster care

HOMELESSNESS: There are currently 2 million 18-24-year-olds living homeless in the U.S., many of whom spent time in foster care.

PREGNANCY WITHIN A YEAR: 71% of young women become pregnant within one year of aging out of foster care

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Springs of Love Teams

Springs of Love Teams are a central part of our mission at springsoflove.org. Springs of Love Teams in parishes around the country will offer wrap-around support to foster families, providing foster families with meals, childcare, material needs, mentoring, prayer, and more.

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Parish Ministry Overview

Start Fostering Love in your community

Check out our list of 10 ways to support vulnerable children in foster care. Start a donation drive to provide backpacks and school supplies for kids in care, or set up a foster parent’s night out! There are so many ways to help. Download or print the PDF.

Learn How to Support Foster Families
10 ways to support vulnerable children

Featured Video: One Big Family

After almost three years of fostering two young boys, it looked as if PJ and Kristina would be able to adopt them. However, the boys’ father, Josh, notified the agency that he was getting out of prison and would do whatever he needed to get his boys back. PJ, Kristina, and their kids were heartbroken. But Josh soon realized how much PJ and Kristina’s family genuinely loved his boys, and saw how they’d opened their hearts to him, too.

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Register for our Foster & Adoption Discernment Retreat Video Series

Have you wondered if God might be calling you to open your heart to foster or adopt a child? Register for our virtual “retreat” and receive a code for free access to our “Be Not Afraid” discernment video series. In this self-paced series, you will hear beautiful testimonials from couples who have answered the call to foster and adopt. Talks address fostering & adopting after infertility, adopting a child with special needs, international & domestic adoption, adoption from foster care, grieving when foster children leave, adopting older children, what to do when only one spouse feels called, and more. Register today!

Register for Free Access
Register to view the Be Not Afraid discernment video series.

Featured Video: The Baird Family Story

Labor and delivery nurse Stephanie Baird saw the gap into which babies born addicted were falling.  She and her husband, Joseph, started the process of welcoming foster children into their family of five.

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Commentary: The Sound of Freedom

Image from National Catholic Register article, August 2023

Dr. Kimberly Henkel reacts to the film The Sound of Freedom: “I looked forward to watching The Sound of Freedom to learn about the true story of children rescued from sex trafficking. Fifteen minutes into the film, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.” Read the article.

Feature: Stop Child Trafficking

Stop Child Trafficking - Fight Back by Fostering

Even if you don’t feel called to foster, you can support foster families in your community or find a way to mentor at-risk youth, particularly those who have aged out of foster care. To find what you can do, check out our list of 7 Ways You Can Help Stop Child Trafficking.

Foster Parenting: An Education in Love

“In the 23 counties of the Columbus diocese, 7,097 children are in foster care and 655 await adoption. These children desperately need loving foster families who will show them the love of God.” Read the rest of this article by Dr. Kimberly Henkel.

Featured Video: Tori’s Story

Tori shares the heartache of moving through 12 foster homes, being separated from her sister, and eventually aging out of the system. Yet her story doesn’t end there. With the encouragement of one coach who believed in her, welcomed her into his family, and shared the love of God with her, she went on to graduate college and become an advocate for vulnerable children in foster care.

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Radical solidarity through fostering kids, supporting families

“When we went to the hospital after Anthony had been born, I wondered about his birth mother who had just gone through nine months carrying him in her womb, and endured childbirth only to have her baby boy ripped from her arms and placed into mine. My heart ached for her. This woman who gave birth to the greatest joy of my life up to that point would return home with no baby. Yes, she had problems that made it unsafe for her to raise her child. Yes, it was clearly best for the child to be placed elsewhere. But what would become of her?” Read the full article by Dr. Kimberly Henkel.

Featured Stories

Start a Novena to Saint Joseph to pray for those in foster care

Fostering Prayers: Novena Prayer to St. Joseph

We welcome you to get involved with foster care by taking part in our Novena to Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is the exemplar of a “foster” father because, along with Mary, he loved, nurtured and instructed the Child Jesus. Although he was initially concerned about how this Child came to be, Joseph trusted the message of the Angel to “be not afraid,” welcoming Mary and her Son into his home.

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