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Foster Care Awareness Event

Host an Awareness Event - graphic of adults meeting

Host an awareness event at your parish with just a few steps! Children in your community are in need of strong, loving families to foster them. Let families in your parish know about their need, and get them involved!

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  1. Set a time and date with your parish.  A good time is usually after Sunday Mass or on a weekday evening. You can host a Foster Care Awareness Dessert, Foster Care Awareness Luncheon/Dinner. The event should last no more than an hour.
  2. Book the location on your parish campus. 
  3. Technology: Projector, Screen, Microphone, Sound system for videos.
  4. Provide food: doughnuts and coffee, pizza, sandwiches, or dessert. This will help draw more people to your event.
Host an Awareness Event - logistics - select a date & time, location, necessary technology, and bring food!

Event Plan

Always have the next step planned! Plan a follow-up meeting within two or three weeks for those interested in joining your Springs of Love Parish Ministry. Also, find out when your local foster care agency has their next foster parent training and encourage people who might be interested in fostering to sign up that night. Strike while the iron is hot!


  1. Springs of Love Parish Ministry Leader as the MC
  2. Pastor or Deacon to give the opening prayer
  3. Personal Witness from a foster family or an adult who experienced foster care as a child (Ideally ask someone from your parish community)
  4. A Representative from a Foster Care Agency


  1. Welcome
  2. Play a Springs of Love original video at Recommended videos: Tori’s Story, The Baird Family Story, or Kristina & Josh’s Story: One Big Family
  3. Give key statistics and information of the current state of the foster care system in your local county and state.
  4. Personal witness story by a foster family or an adult who was in foster care as a child.
  5. Presentation by a Foster Agency Representative explaining what it means to be a foster parent, why there is a need for more foster families, and the process of becoming a licensed foster family.
  6. Have a sign-up or registration table to register families the night of the event.
  7. Share opportunities for people to get involved in your parish ministry. Announce the follow-up meeting and offer a sign-up sheet or QR code to get their information.
  8. Share the Springs of Love website.
  9. The ASK – remember to specifically ask families to take the next step to become licensed foster families.  Invoke the Holy Spirit to move hearts.
Awareness Event checklist for the event - infographic


  1. Create social media posts, a flyer, and a poster.
  2. Start promoting the event two or three weeks prior to the event date.
  3. Promote the event in your parish bulletin, through parish social media channels, e-communications, personal invitation, flyers in your bulletin, and posters.
  4. Be intentional about sharing the invitation with leaders of your large parish groups – Knights of Columbus, school families, parents of young children, small groups, etc.
  5. Ask your pastor if you can play a foster care awareness video after Mass a week or two prior to the event to increase interest.  If your church does not have video/audio capabilities, ask your pastor if someone could do a personal invitation during announcements at all Masses a week or two prior to the event. If the event is after Mass, make a special announcement at the end of Mass inviting parishioners to attend.
Host an Awareness Event - Outreach infographic - utilize social media, posters & flyers, parish publicity, word-of-mouth invites, and announcements during mass