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Our church is launching a Springs of Love foster & adoption support ministry to serve all who have been touched by fostering and adoption in our parish: foster, kinship, and adoptive families, as well as adoptees and birth families. 

Springs of Love is a national Catholic ministry that encourages, educates and equips Catholics to discern and live out the call to foster and adopt, while creating communities of support to help cultivate a culture of foster care and adoption in our parishes. 

How can you get involved?

1. Parish Involvement

Everyone can help! Our Springs of Love Team hosts an annual awareness event to let our Parish know about the needs of children in foster care in our community. We also hold several events a year to collect donations for a local foster agency, and collect gifts each December for a foster family Giving Tree! Stay tuned to hear about upcoming events.

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2. Springs of Love Teams

Springs of Love Teams - ways to helpThere is an extreme shortage of foster families for the over 400,000 children in foster care. And about half of foster families stop fostering after a year because of the many challenges they face. However, when they are supported, many will continue to foster and provide a safe home for the children who so desperately need to know God’s love and protection.

One way to support foster families is through a Springs of Love Team.  Our team is a group of volunteers from the church who are assigned to a foster family (or families) to build a relationship with them and the children in their care by providing regular, practical support.  Here are some of the many ways we help:

  • Provide a meal once per month
  • Help regularly with childcare as an “alternate caregiver” (1-2x a month or less as needed by the family).
  • Becoming a child mentor of a current child in foster care or a child that has been adopted (1-2x month).
  • Helping with transportation of the children to appointments and visitation.
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3. Springs of Love Small Groups

The third way to support foster, adoptive, and kinship families, as well as adoptees and birth families, is through our small groups that meet monthly.

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