Start your Springs of Love Team with LOVE! Launch, Organize, inVestigate, and Encourage – to get started with your mission to help foster families in your community. Once your Springs of Love Team is established, find more ways to support foster families together. Ideas for projects are also available, and you can get your whole parish involved! If you have not yet registered your team with Springs of Love, please visit our online form.

Start your Springs of Love Team with L.O.V.E.:

L: Launch an “Everyone Can Do Something” awareness event at your parish. Your event should bring together members of your team, members of your Parish, a representative from a foster agency in your area, and (ideally) someone from a foster family who can speak to their personal experience. Another option for bringing awareness to your Parish is through a Video Watch Party – host an event for members of your Parish to watch Springs of Love original videos about foster families and fostered youth, and hold a discussion afterwards.

O: Organize 4-5 families or individuals who want to help vulnerable children in your community.

V: inVestigate! Find existing foster families in your community. If you don’t immediately find a family in your community to support, talk with a local foster agency about ways you can support families there. They may collect frozen meals to hand out to families when they don’t have time to cook, or socks and underwear to make sure children have all the basics when they start at a new home. Find out what their needs are and see how you can help meet them as a team!

E: Encourage and support your Springs of Love foster families. The five basic ways Teams can support families are through: childcare & mentoring, meeting material needs, weekly meals, help with household tasks, and prayer. For bigger projects for teams, see our list of project ideas.

Springs of Love teams start with LOVE: Launch, Organize, inVestigate, and Encourage.