Let’s make Easter Baskets!

The dark, end-of-winter days of the Lenten season sometimes feel long and unending, as we yearn for the joy of Easter and Spring but aren’t quite there yet! But the season of Lent can be full of hope when paired with thoughtful prayer, meditative fasting, and selfless service.

We hope you have found some intentions to make your Lenten season full of promise! If you are still looking for a way to GIVE BACK this Lenten Season, consider making Easter baskets for a foster family, at-risk family, or anyone you know who needs to feel the Easter spirit this spring. You can make individual baskets for the kids, or one BIG basket for the family to enjoy together – help them build great memories!

In addition to candy, some great basket stuffers might be:


• boxes of markers or crayons

• seasonal coloring or puzzle books

• small craft project kits (as found in most dollar stores or at Target)

• sweet Mama Mary dolls, saint magnets and sticker books from Shining Light Dolls

• adorable Easter Basket bundles from Be A Heart

• a small toy for to get everyone outside, like a ball or frisbee

We wish you a fruitful Lent, a blessed Holy Week, and all the Joy of Easter this month!

Let's make Easter Baskets - Fostering Love for Lent service project

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