Recipe for a Cozy Foster Family Care Package

Christmastime can be hard for children in foster care who feel like they don’t really belong anywhere. That’s why it’s so important for foster families to bond with them and create happy memories, especially during this season. YOU can help make beautiful memories for these kiddos by creating a Cozy Care Package!

No cooking skills are required, and the “recipe” is easy! Whip it up yourself, enlist your family members to help, and consider inviting members of your parish to help. The packages can be delivered to families right in your community, so just reach out to your local public or private foster care agency to help distribute them to foster families and children.

Recipe for a Cozy Foster Family Care Package


1. Hot Cocoa packets! ‘Tis the season for hot chocolate, and instant hot cocoa is easy, fast, and fun for the whole family.

To keep the “easy” in there, we recommend the kinds that dissolve in water and don’t require milk. Some newer brands come with custom marshmallows in shapes like unicorns!

Make sure you include enough packets for everyone, adults included.

2. Want a warm and tasty treat to enjoy with hot chocolate? Bring on the popcorn!

Popcorn packs are easy to cook up, a fun treat, and can be a little healthier than other snacking options.

You can even make your own instant popcorn packs by adding the popping kernels to brown paper bags (Google it!) – just make sure to include instructions.

3. Cozy socks. Since we’re really digging into this cozy theme, anyone can enjoy some fuzzy socks this time of year!

You will need to do some recon on the number of kids and their ages, but unlike with shoes, there aren’t really that many sizes of kids socks, so don’t get overwhelmed. Tip for kids 10 and older: just go with adult-sized socks.

There are great deals on fuzzy socks at Old Navy and Target this year.

4. Books! Individual books for different aged kids would be great, but if that’s too much, one good seasonal book that the family can read together will be perfect.

Some favorites for Advent and Christmas are Tomie dePaolo’s “The Night of Las Posadas” and “The Legend of the Poinsettia,” as well as “Great Joy” by Kate DiCamillo.

5. Use your imagination! Home-baked cookiescraft activities for the kiddos, coloring booksfleece blanketswinter hats and mittenspersonalized mugs or ornaments – any of these are always welcome gifts.

6. What to put all this in? Reusable grocery bags are always nice to have around, and you can find fun, seasonal ones for this time of year. A durable basket or crate, that could be used to store kids’ toys afterward, would also be great. And for a thrifty option, cut an old shipping box down to size and cover it in wrapping paper!

Top it off with a Christmas card, and you’re all set!

We hope this list gets you inspired to share some love this holiday season!