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Laura & Kyle share how suffering six miscarriages helped prepare their hearts “to love children who needed love” through fostering and adoption. They discuss how beautifully their family has expanded to include not only the children they have fostered and adopted, but their birth parents, as well.

After almost three years of fostering two young boys, it looked as if PJ and Kristina would be able to adopt them. However, the boys’ father, Josh, notified the agency that he was getting out of prison and would do whatever he needed to get his boys back. PJ, Kristina, and their kids were heartbroken. But Josh soon realized how much PJ and Kristina’s family genuinely loved his boys, and saw how they’d opened their hearts to him, too.

After struggling two years with infertility, best-selling Catholic author Emily Stimpson Chapman and her husband Christopher, a theology teacher, asked themselves this question. What did they want more: to be pregnant or to be parents? Their answer led the couple to adopt three babies in 2 1/2 years.

Kate & Brigid’s Story: God Plays A Long Game

Kate Stapleton, a harpist, was 21 when she faced an unplanned pregnancy and chose to place her child in an open adoption. Her daughter, now grown, recently graduated from Franciscan University and performs in the band Acaciawood. Together, they share their story.

The Baird Family Story

Labor and delivery nurse Stephanie Baird saw the gap into which babies born addicted were falling.  She and her husband, Joseph, started the process of welcoming foster children into their family of five.  Now they have adopted their fourth child and are astounded at the blessings that have come since they stepped out in faith.

Tori’s Story

Tori Hope Peterson is an inspiring former foster youth, best-selling author of Fostered, and was crowned Mrs. Universe in 2022. Tori shares the heartache of moving through 12 foster homes, being separated from her sister, and eventually aging out of the system. Yet her story doesn’t end there. With the encouragement of one coach who believed in her, welcomed her into his family, and shared the love of God with her, she went on to graduate college and become an advocate for vulnerable children in foster care.

The Henkel Family Story

After grieving their infertility, Kimberly and Greg Henkel felt called to open their lives to foster to adopt.  The Lord blessed their openness with a baby boy, then with twin girls just five months younger!  Since adopting their fourth child, they’ve been inspired to found Springs of Love together to encourage Catholics to a radical openness to fostering and adoption.